Mike and Michelle Burton

Mike and Michelle Burton


Recognizing the need for a payroll service that actually serves, Mike & Michelle started Majestic Payroll Services over 15 years ago. They truly love their clients and consider each client an included member of the “Majestic Family”. They have created an environment where their clients can receive personalized payroll processing and can quickly receive answers to their questions and concerns.

Parents to 5 wonderful children, (3 girls, 2 boys) we recognize that there is life after work. “Life is about family, work is because we have to”. They know that your payroll is crucial and when payroll isn’t done correctly it interferes with your life.

Both serve the community by being involved with community councils, civic and religious organizations. Mike and Michelle have enjoyed the opportunity to receive advanced degrees from local Utah Universities. They love finding ways to support our clients and actually help our clients by encouraging them to support each other.

Taking advantage of technological advances in the payroll industry, Mike & Michelle are excited to show you how easy it is to have your payroll processed by Majestic Payroll Services.